The Secret to Better Friendship is Communication

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Friendship is a crucial ingredient for a child’s mental and physical health. Friendships are voluntary and personal. When we first meet someone, we stick with safe topics and make small talk on the bus. From there, we decide if we like someone and the conversations become more substantial and topics become more personal.

As children start hanging out and share more intimate details of their lives, trust starts to enter the friendship. Friends can become so comfortable with each other, that they start to feel independent, which leads to personal growth and branching out to try new things and ideas.

Sharing and being an emotional support for each other is pivotal for a friendship. Tweens and teenagers develop a stronger sense of their own identity within a group of friends. They learn to develop empathy for others, speak up for themselves, and communicate effectively.

Sleepover Diary helps children build strong friendships due to its interactive nature. With room for up to 5 friends to read what your child wrote and add their own writing, it will keep you child and their friends engaged for hours. The prompts like, “What made you happy today?” help children go deeper into sharing what they are thinking, which in turn helps children build trust in their friendships.

Sleepover Diary is a great gift that can help your child build friendships and lasting memories.


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