Sleepover Diary Can Help Shy Children Open Up And Share

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The number one way children make good friends is through sharing.

For kids of all ages, friendships offer the acceptance, approval and sense of belonging they crave. If your child struggles to connect with other kids and form friendships, it can be a blow to his/her self-esteem or leave him/her feeling alone and frustrated. 

Some kids are natural social butterflies while others need more time to warm up to new situations. Don’t worry if your child is a little more hesitant in social situations. Expecting every child to jump in and be the leader of the group isn’t realistic, For shyer or more introverted kids, parents should give them opportunities to meet new kids and help bridge the transition so they aren’t too uncomfortable. 

Often shyer and more introverted kids prefer to read or draw. They can still develop friendships in smaller groups through the use of interactive writing and drawing tools. Sleepover Diary is one such tool. It is a beautifully illustrated book with lots of pages and prompts to get your child and his/her friends writing, drawing, sharing stories and pictures.  

Sleepover Diary is a great way for children to get comfortable, share their thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams, pictures and ideas with their friends in a non-threatening way. They can share it with up to five of their friends, who can then share it back. It is a great way to help children start thinking about things they want to share with their friends.

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