Sleepover Diary Can Be A “Safe Place”

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Just like adults, children and tweens have down days too. Some days they might be angry about something someone said or something someone did. Other days they may be frustrated by their inability to change a situation or do something that they really wish they knew how to do. We know when we are angry or frustrated; we need a way to vent those feelings. So do children and especially tweens.

The tween years are those where children learn to adjust to physical changes in their bodies as well as emotions. It can be a rollercoaster sometimes. Tweens need a safe place where they can vent those feelings and thoughts and express themselves without fear of adult judgment or censorship. They can share with their peers, if they want, because they will likely relate and understand.

In that safe place they can rebel against all the “shoulds” and “can’ts”. You should clean your room. You should pull your hair out of your face? You should be doing better in math than you are. You can’t wear that to school. You can’t go to your friend’s house because I need you to babysit. You can’t go to that party because you are not old enough yet. Sometimes when children vent on the Sleepover Diary page, they are more likely to see solutions and make necessary changes.

Sleepover Diary is just the answer. It is a beautifully illustrated diary in which children can write whatever they feel. It’s a guilt-free place because children can choose to whom he/she shares it. They can exchange their diary with up to 5 friends who can also write in the diary. When children get the diary back, they can read what everyone wrote. Who knows, one of their friends might have given them a solution or suggestions to help with whatever they were mad or frustrated about.

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