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What's more fun for children than sharing their thoughts and whatever they are doing with their BFFs (Best Friends Forever). Sleepover Diary™ lets them do this in a super fun way... and what's more Sleepover Diary™ lets up to 5 of their BFFs share their thoughts and special experiences together in writing, all within this amazing Sleepover Diary™.

Once complete they have a unique treasured memory they can keep forever, AND BFFs can get copies too. Sharing their daily life with best friends in a traditional way instead of mindless texting that’s forgotten forever.

Sleepover Diary™...

• Encourages proper writing, improving skills
• Encourages friendship, communication and sharing
• Encourages community service and environmental awareness
• Opens the world to children to express their feelings and thoughts
• Is a lasting gift which truly makes a difference in a young person’s life, and
• Each friend can have a copy to keep too

So often today young people live in their own closed world, Sleepover Diary™ opens their world by helping them express their inner feelings and thoughts, plus see how their friends feel too, an experience that can only lead to a closer bond between BFF’s. A perfect gift from a loving parent, or family member that a child will cherish forever.

How many texts or emails will they have kept to read in 20 years time? Precisely. If not simply to encourage friendship, you really need to get this exquisite item if for nothing other than a cherished keepsake.

A peek inside...

Sleepover Diary (Deluxe)

Hardcover Edition

186 pages

Up to 6 participating BFFs


Each BFF can complete the Diary Section 5 times.

Alice 1
Alice, The Inspiration for Sleepover Diary™

Sleepover Diary

Spiral Edition

126 pages

Up to 6 participating BFFs


Each BFF can complete the Diary Section 3 times.



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