Diaries Are Like Conversations

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Exchange diaries are a lot like private conversations between friends. They are a way for friends to share their happiness and sadness or frustrations about events in their lives that they don’t want to share with everyone in public, just their closest friends.

A girl might confide her thoughts or feelings about something or someone in the diary and exchange it with a friend for them to do the same. Just like talking out a situation with your best friend, it is a way to get your feelings out and carefully size up what is going on. Remember when you shared everything with your best friends and wanted their opinion about anything going on in your life? Your child wants that too.

Just like in a private conversation, writing in an exchange diary and reading it allows a child to be their true self and see an experience through different points of view. It encourages children to be aware of other people and how they react to certain situations.

One of the beautiful things about Sleepover Diary is that it is meant to be shared with others. It bonds you and the people you share it with together through the shared events and feelings that you are reading and writing about.

Sleepover Diary is a written conversation where young people write about their thoughts, dreams and experiences in a beautifully illustrated notebook and exchange it with up to 6 friends for them to do the same. Let your child get in on the fun. Order Sleepover Diary today.


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