Alice - Inspiration for Sleepover Diary
Alice – Inspiration for Sleepover Diary

Dear Alice… is for sharing what Sleepover Diary means to you. Letters and pictures will be shown on this Dear Alice page. Contact Alice through the contact page, and we will show you how you can participate.

Enjoy what others have sent to Alice:



Tara S.


Tara (Florida)
Tara showing off her Sleepover Diary.


Alice, here’s my Sleepover Diary. Take a look!


Bella S.

My friends and I use Sleepover Diary all the time. Thanks, Alice.

Jocelyn R.

Thank you, Alice, for Sleepover Diary. I am happy to have it. I like the designs and activities and plan on doing all of them with my friends.

Athena S.

I love Sleepover Diary SO much!