We heard about the Sleepover Diary online and bought it for our 10 year-old daughter, and I have to say it’s been so much fun for her to complete the book. She recently filled the diary out with her friends, and they all learned more about each other than they already did. They shared about secrets, promises, hobbies and so much more. They even get to share their best memories together. The Sleepover Diary was great for my daughter to bond with her friends, and will be an amazing keepsake for us as parents as she continues to mature.5 Stars! Amazon Customer

My niece loved this Diary! She felt like such a big girl. It encouraged her to write her thoughts effectively helping her learn to communicate thoughts/feelings/emotions. 5 Stars! Amazon Customer

Must have for any child!! What an innovative concept to help children learn more about each other and form stronger friendships. In the age of electronics and texting, this book breaks away to truly cause a connection for our younger generation stuck in that isolating mold. I will definitely tell and recommend this book to everyone I know who has school age children. This would also make wonderful gifts for children who need a little encouragement to make friends or to improve reading, writing, and creatively skills. Try it out. I’m positive you won’t be disappointed in this book!!! Very happy I have two books for my children. Jennifer Kagarise

Sleepover Diary is a thoughtful and unique gift for children. Sleepover Diary encourages children to develop genuine, positive relationships with their peers while also inspiring a sense of citizenship in children by asking them to think about how they have helped out in their environment and their communities. The book is well structured and children will enjoy its colorful aesthetic nature. Being a teacher, I think it is a great opportunity for children to engage in writing in an authentic context. What a wonderful tool for children to share their creativity and express their individuality with their friends. Tara Bigelow, Educator

This book is the perfect way to get girls to bond, learn and be creative together. I wish I had this book as a kid. It is just too fun! Amazon Customer

Great gift for my niece. It’s always great to find products that are creative and aren’t electronic. Hard to find these days! Nick Ostroff

Sleepover Diary is an exchange diary where friends communicate with one another by writing their thoughts in an illustrated journal. It is not a story about slumber parties. When friends share their thoughts and experiences in Sleepover Diary, it is so much better than passing notes or texting in school. I really appreciate that Sleepover Diary is interactive, but not digital. I believe kids spend too much time on line and texting. As an educator and book editor, I worry that the art of writing is vanishing. Sleepover Diary can change all that! Sandy Alpert

Sleepover Diary is a unique and valuable find. I bought Sleepover Diary for my niece and I am very impressed with the design, colors and most importantly the purpose. This book encourages her to communicate, expressing her ideas in a creative way. It’s a fresh idea because the digital age we are in means these sorts of skills just aren’t practiced like they once were. They are very important life skills presented in an innovative and engrossing way. Peter Hunter

What a find! My daughter loves the Sleepover Diary, which lets her share her thoughts and special things with her BFFs. The diary is written for girls her age and was inspired by a 9 year old girl. My daughter filled out parts of her diary like things she likes, things that have happened to her, and memories she wants to share. Then she passed it on to a friend to “sleepover over” at that friend’s house while she fills out her portion of the diary, and on and on it goes within the circle of friends. Then they all share and read what each other wrote. This is such a great way to build lasting friendships and the pictures and different sections of the diary definitely hold their interest. This is something she will keep for a lifetime.” Nancy Thorne

As a mother of a 10-year-old daughter, I was thrilled when she received Sleepover Diary as a birthday gift. The watercolor illustrations and lovely paper on which they are printed are so appealing to her. Sharing her thoughts in written form instead of texting, helps her master her writing and spelling skills. I recommend Sleepover Diary. Abigail Schings 

Sleepover Diary is a wonderful interactive book for pre-teens and teens. They will have fun learning more about each other. The directions are simple. Sleepover Diary prompts the participants to write their thoughts and interests and share them. This will give Best Friends Forever (BBFs) a lasting experience. Sleepover Diary in later years when re-read will evoke fond memories. I gave Sleepover Diary to my granddaughters, and they are using it and love Sleepover Diary. Donna Daye Kitchton, Author of History/Mystery Novels including “The Fountain Revived.” 

As a fourth grade teacher in the Collier County school system, I believe Sleepover Diary is an excellent tool for girls in the classroom. The book is beautifully illustrated and uses age appropriate vocabulary. It can be used across the curriculum to address writing skills, handwriting, community service, environmental studies and comprehension. Patricia Watford, Elementary School Teacher.