Children Build Their IQs Through Keeping Diaries

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Keeping your brain challenged helps you create and think out problems in a constructive manner. Writing is a great way to give shape to your thoughts and ideas. It has tremendous creative potential and can make you think over critical decisions. People who write have better vocabulary and better power over the use of language.

Some of the world’s greatest minds kept a diary. Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison wrote in their diaries daily throughout their lives. Writing in a diary can enhance your IQ and make you more self-disciplined, productive and creative.

Children can begin simply by writing about what happened in their day, what they did, the people they met and adding pictures that will help make the moments more vivid. Encourage children to write about their goals and update their progress toward their goals periodically. Writing regularly in a diary helps improve focus, logic and creativity.

Sleepover Diary is a great tool that will help your child build regular diary writing habits. The diary has sections for memories, goals, exploring about themselves, pictures and contains prompts to get them started thinking about topics such as “My pet is special because….” Or “When I grow up..” or “What did you dream?”

Whether your child is writing goals, fictional or personal experiences, they are strengthening their writing skills, getting a mental workout and developing a love of writing. The more often they write, the more likely they are to:

  • Strengthen their focus
  • Increase their vocabulary
  • Build problem solving skills

Through keeping their own Sleepover Diary, your child will experience the joy of creativity and learn to express his/her feelings.

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