Children Boost Comprehension and Memory By Keeping a Diary

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Children, who do not do well in school, often have trouble comprehending the material or remembering the details of what they learn. Learning to take notes well involves practice. Note taking is an effective information-processing tool that is commonly used both in daily life and in many professions. As such, it is critical children learn how to take notes. 

Unfortunately, primary schools and secondary schools, provide their students with very little help in acquiring the skills needed to success- fully develop these two essential write-to-learn functions: (1) taking notes to retain the knowledge to be acquired and reproduced during school examinations and (2) taking notes to effectively resolve problems, whether this is understanding complex documents, writing reports, or solving algebraic equations.  

In learning how to take notes, note-takers must develop their comprehension abilities as well as their memory abilities. Did you know that writing actually helps children enhance their comprehension? This is because what children write is often based on what they see or read. Then they need to connect what they see or read with what they already know in order for meaning to occur. When children write, they have to use their own memories and what they know in order to create a piece of writing.  

Children can begin simply by writing daily about what happened in their day, what they did, the people they met and adding pictures that will help make the moments more vivid. As they continue writing, they will begin to add details, what people said, the results of what they did. They will not really even realize they are improving their memory and comprehension. 

Sleepover Diary is a great tool that will help your child boost comprehension and memory skills. The diary has sections for memories, goals, exploring her inner feelings and pictures. There are even prompts to get started thinking about topics such as “My pet is special because….” or “When I grow up.” or “My Best Vacation?” 

Whether your child is writing goals, experiences, or just about herself, she is strengthening her memory skills, getting a mental workout and developing her comprehension. Through keeping her own Sleepover Diary, your child will experience the joy of writing and learn to draw on her own experiences and memories to share with her friends.

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