Alice Press’ philosophy is Celebrating Life’s Achievements and Meeting Life’s Challenges.

The publishing company does this by providing books, games, stories and other written material that encourages positives and challenges negatives.

In Sleepover Diary - Creating Lasting Memories, young people explore their inner thoughts including anything that happens which makes them happy and makes them sad; they learn how to become community-minded by developing habits of helping the environment, the community and others. They experience strong friendships of sharing and cooperating.

Rough Tough Ready – What’s Your Story, scheduled to be introduced in 2017, is a compilation of non-fiction stories written by authors about their experiences in overcoming “rough” situations by remaining “tough” and “ready”. Rough Tough Ready will be published once a year for each of two age groups; 10–19 year-olds and 20+ year-olds. Stories will be submitted and voted on through social media. Those with the highest number of votes in any one category will be published in the following edition of Rough Tough Ready and the authors’ pictures will be on the covers.

In 2017 Twinkle Moments - For Life’s Positives is scheduled to be introduced. Twinkle Moments is where individuals may record those “special” moments that happen to them. These are the moments when the individual experience may be deeply felt and not want to be forgotten. Twinkle Moments may also be used by counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and any professional dealing with helping people meet life’s challenges by remembering life's positives through writing or illustration.


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