Twinkle Moments

Twinkle Moments - For Life's Positives, is a journal in which inspirational times may be recorded and later relived. Twinkle moments are those instances when a person has the awe-inspiring moments - moments he/she wants to remember. The exact "twinkle moment" he/she felt or saw something special. When using Twinkle Moments to capture those moments in their own special way, perhaps it is written in prose; maybe it's a poem or even a sketch. Twinkle Moments is where everything is remembered and felt again.

Rough Tough Ready

Rough Tough Ready - What's Your Story is an inspiring collection of short non-fictional stories. All the stories in Rough Tough Ready - What's Your Story are actual experiences of the authors. Each year two editions are published - one with stories by 10-19 year-olds and one with stories from 20+ year-olds. The stories published in Rough Tough Ready are selected by vote through social media. No one will know what stories are selected or images will be on the cover until Rough Tough Ready is actually released. Get set for - Rough Tough Ready - What's Your Story.